Ambassadors is very proud to work together with some of the best athletets of the equestrian sport. Some of our cooperations are going on for many many years and we're thankful for the trust and the tirelessly trying of products and their useful feedbacks. Most of our ambassadors have the responsibilty for a whole stable and many horses, that means that they try our products every day very intense. In this way we can keep selecting the best and most useful equestrian products and provide them for you! We choose our cooperations based on trust and good horsemanship. Just have a look at our ambassodors in detail and maybe you can meet them sometimes at our facilities.



Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein
Severo Jurado López
Cathrine Dufour
Nicola Baur-Rona
Rikke Haastrup
Stald Sepi
Stine Cassøe
Emma Ahlberg Future Stars