Now you can prevent damage with a rug. The Mirotec rug is designed to stimulate the horse's lymphsystem and thereby provide the horse with better blood circulation and an enhanced immune system. Mirotec technology uses the body's own heat to prevent and treat damage. At the same time, the horse's well-being and physical performance are increased.
The rug works in such a way that the interwoven aluminum lamellae reflect the body heat back into the body. This activates the lymphsystem, which plays an important role in the body's ability to defend itself against infections, parasites and bacteria.
The Mirotec rug can be used 24 hours per day. The rug can be attached to a neck-part.
Mirotec is an easy, natural and drug-free prevention or help in treating injuries.

It is advanced "space technology" that is used for joy and well-being of the horse.