Stable Sepi

Stald Sepi is a succesfull trainingsstable for Icelandic horses in Søndersø. It's runned by Danish Sys Pilegaard and Icelandic Sigurður Óli Kristinsson (Siggi). Both have a passion for Icelandic horses since their early childhood and have become very successfull through the years. For both the individual needs and well being of each horse has always first priority and we're proud to support two such nice people with great horsemanship.


Their favourite products from are the Mirotec rug and the Neo Ice. They also like to use the Premier Equine Infrared boots in the stable or for travelling. Sys is very happy for our Goode Rider fashion items. Which are as well functional as pretty.




Sys has for example been Nordic Champion in 2016 and Danish Champion in 2019, she has been competing several times for the Danish National Team.










Siggi has been competing both nationally and internationally with great success and has been part of the Icelandic team. It is also worth mentioning that Siggi has great success with preparation and shows. In 2017 he was the trainer and rider of the highest rated stallion in the world.