Shipment arranges the shipment with Post Danmark (unless otherwise specified) to the receiver, on the requested date in the order. Day-to-day delivery requires Post Danmark to comply with day-to-day delivery. If delays occur at PostDanmark, this will delay the delivery in relation to the desired delivery date. Post Danmark's quality assurance regarding delivery security is a minimum of 97% for letter-parcels and a minimum of 99% for parcels. However, note that these percentages are average and can cover large local and time-limited variations. can not be held responsible for delays at Post Danmark.

Delivery to Bornholm and certain small islands is not covered by Post Danmark's day-to-day delivery, as shipments to these areas can in some cases take 2 days. Neo Ice is always based on day-to-day delivery. As a sender, you can select the delivery date one day earlier to compensate for this.

No delivery is made to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and abroad unless this has been separately agreed.

International shipments are shipped via DHL or other courier.