Vibra-Floor (Multi-Floor)

The Vibra-Floor is a smaller, affordable fitness machine which is used for conditioning and rehabilitation. The vibrations in the floor generate a little instability, which needs to be balanced by the horse’s body, this requires energy and encourages the metabolism. It’s very common to combine the Vibra-Floor with an additional magnetic field (Multi-Floor). It helps even more to relax muscles, relieve tensions and improve the blood circulation. Therapeutic uses for tendon and ligament injuries, osteoporosis, laminitis, chronic respiratory diseases and navicular diseases. It can be used as prevention of sport injuries and even light colics.  Also a usefull scale could be build in.


It’s possible to combine it with a modern payment solution, so that each use costs a small amount and the purchase price can quickly be refunded. It’s even possible to make a leasing agreement, what makes it accessible to many.


It's popular to combine the Vibra-Floor with a Solarium on top. In that way you can treat your horse’s body from below and above at the same time.  


Many individual possibiltues, please contact us for personal advice and offers. 


Vibra-Floor benefits: 

- Efficient Vibration Treatment (magnetic fields can be build in) 

- Improves Rehabilitation and Training (quick recover) 

- Improves the general well-being 

- Comparatively cheap 

- A scale can be added 

- Comparatively small machine 

- A solarium can be added (two treatments in one) 

- Safe and robust

-Developed and made from vets in Germany



Vibra-Floor from 3.700,00 € + VAT

Ramps 400,00 € + VAT

Railings 950,00 € + VAT

+ freight