It's a family affair, with lots of passion...

K9 is the famous Swedish developer and producer of Animal Care products.

It's a family business which was foudned in the 70's, at this time they made hair products for human, focussing on products for sensitive skin. The family owned Afghan dogs, Sitters and a Persian cat, which have very damanding coats. Therefor they used their experience and started to develope care-products for animals. In the 90's they've launched PCL, the popular product series for dogs and cats. Furthermore they got curious about horse-care and started to work on products, specialized on their needs. In 2007 they launched the K9 series which took fur care to a whole new level. The difference to other products is the high quality of the product and the years of reserch and testing.

Once our Broholm.biz team tested the K9 products, we were so happy and satisfied about the result. We were sure that we have to offer this product to our customers.Try it and you we promise that you won't regret it!


Please contact us, if you're not sure which one of the prodcuts is the best for your horse!



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