Horse Light

Not just a stable light, this is equine light therapy.


HorseLight is a whole new concept delivering equine health,

well-being and performance at the flick of a light switch.

Illuminate your horse all year round and see the amazing results

Scientifically proven lighting therapy



"The horses are much more settled in their stables in the evening under the red light. They barely even look up during late hay and final checks! The lighting level in the stables is bright and natural feeling, not a harsh glare and it’s controlled by sensors so only switches on if it’s dark and gloomy. The horses appear to be calm and happy this autumn and we are looking forward to the many health benefits of HorseLight light therapy."

Carl Hester MBE


HorseLight is an equine blue light therapy system that has been developed to enhance performance and breeding for all horses. This unique type of stable lighting system delivers the health benefits of summer daylight to indoor stabling.  

Each light delivers the correct amount of high intensity white and blue spectrums that have been proven to positively impact the horse’s body clock (circadian rhythm). This cannot be achieved by standard LED or fluorescent lighting.

Our easy to install, cost effective systems are suitable for a single stable or for a large professional yard.

Our Single Stable DIY kit comes complete with stable light, controller, cabling and plug.

For more than one stable you can purchase individual HorseLight stable lights and run them all from one controller. 

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