Bandage Roll Up

Finally, an easy way to Roll up bandages.

Can be used anywhere:
In the stable - in the saddle room - for competition and in your trailer.
Can be secured agains theft with a small padlock via the attached brackets.
Additional fittings are possible, you just have to move the reel.
Can run on both: electricity and battery.

How Roll-Up Works:
Mount your bracket where you want to use Roll-Up.
Attach the Roll-up to the bracket.
Insert the bandage into the crack on the reel.
Pull the bandage upwards against the handle to activate the rewinder.
The bandage will now be rolled up as tightly as you wish.
Dirt (e.g. sand) can be brushed off during the roll up.
When the bandage is rolled up - remove it.
When the handle falls into his place, the reel stops.
With Roll-up, the task is solved in seconds.

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