Hit-Air Safety vests

Hit-Air effectively protects your neck, back, chest, ribs, sides and hips in the event of a fall from the horse. It is connected to the saddle via a wire that can be easily clicked on and off. The vest inflates when you leave the saddle and is fully inflated in less than 1/2 second - well before you hit the ground. Later, the air will flow out and a new CO2 cartridge can be inserted. The vest is like new and can be used again and again.


Competition approval (Denmark): Everyone is allowed to ride with Hit-Air. However, the rules say that in competition (if you are under 18) you must also use a back shield approved according to EN 1621 - 2. The back shield can easily be inserted into Hit-Air safety vest which is prepared with velcro. It must be understood that the Hit-Air airbag vest must be a carrier of the approved back shield.

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